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Longrich is a manufacturing company that produces a lot of products for themselves and for other brands like Adidas, Avon, Walmart, GSK, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Unilever, etcetera. They adopted direct sales (or multi level marketing) approach to market their products and services, that’s how the mlm part of our business started.

Direct sales marketing approach is a kind of empowered consumerism. What it means is that the company rewards it’s loyal customers when they spread word about the company’s products and services. Do you want to own your own brand of product? Longrich can make that dream of yours come true. We’re here to link you up with Longrich Bioscience to fulfill your needs. If you can’t afford to own your own brand of product, simply change your brand of daily consumables to that of Longrich and get rewarded for doing so.

Sharing what you love has become big business. In Longrich we have advanced and powerful compensation plans which is tremendously profitable.

Advantages of Longrich

  1. Well-established industrialization
  2. World leading R&D
  3. Comprehensive solution provider
  4. Fast growing global market
  5. Different incentives
  6. High quality products
  7. Amazing brand value
  8. Well established company culture
  9. Excellent management team
  10. Win-win business model

Longrich system eliminates the shortfalls and mistakes of traditional network marketing systems. It will propel you towards financial freedom. Longrich is a multi-industry conglomerate whose core interests are on development, production and provision of health and beauty products for global consumers.

Established on the 26th of August, 1986, Longrich comprises of nine (9) business segments: personal care, health and well-being, cosmetics, wooden furniture, e-commerce, real estate, finance, organic agriculture, logistics, household service.

organic daily care products

Over the years, Longrich has evolved into a well-known global health and beauty company. it’s registered trademarks spans 138 countries, Longrich has branches in over 30 countries and products being sold in more than 60 countries & regions worldwide.

Longrich Mission: committed to a healthy and beautiful lifestyle!

Longrich Purpose: (i) platform creation (ii) effective cooperation (iii) common prosperity.

Longrich has it’s research and development institutions in America, Japan, France, China and Nigeria. Longrich is a brand known for very high quality, that’s why they manufacture products under original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for big companies like Forbes, Gsk, Walmart, Unilever, Marks & Spencer, Avon, Tesco, Procter & Gamble, etc.

Longrich products includes: Superbklean Anion Sanitary Pads and Panty Liners, Mosquito repellant sprays, Bamboo Charcoal soaps, Toothpaste, Anti-perspirant roll-on, Sheep placenta SOD body cream, Herbal body wash, Wine, etc. The Crux of the matter is Financial Freedom to be achieved through the opportunity offered by Longrich to it’s Independent Distributors.

Benefits of joining Longrich

  1. Availability of unique and high quality products (daily consumables): there are products for everyone, both for young and old people.
  2. With Longrich, there are no compulsory monthly purchase of products.
  3. Registration is free: but one has to purchase products-worth of their preferred entry level in order to become a partner/distributor in the company. A ‘distributor’ here refers to any one that completes the process of joining the business. It has nothing to do with sales of the products. Those category of members that are charged with the responsibility of selling the products are referred to as ‘stockist’. As a distributor, one only need 3 people as their direct downlines, other registrations to be done after that goes to their downlines (as ‘spill over’). There are no targets or unnecessary pressure, which means one has to work and grow at their own pace. There are no flushing off point in Longrich. The compensation plan is all about teamwork.
  4. Unlike other multi-level marketing companies, Longrich manufacture it’s products. They do not engage the services of a third party manufacturer for anything.
  5. Upon becoming a VIP member/distributor (partner), one will earn from shares in global sales of the company.
  6. Longrich distributorship has no age barrier. That’s why there are several millionaire kids in the business.
  7. There are yearly incentives for qualified distributors such as: car awards, first degree and MBA scholarship programs (which is transferrable), all expense paid international vacation trips.

Longrich Entry Levels

Any product you purchase from any Longrich “stockist” qualifies you as a ‘preferred customer’ only if you demand for ‘membership code’ while making the purchase. As a preferred customer, you are not yet an investor in the business but the product’s point /purchase value (pv) will be accumulating for you in your back-office. Therefore, if you don’t have enough money to invest, you can start your journey to FINANCIAL FREEDOM in Longrich through this means. The beauty of joining through this means is that upon meeting any of the entry level requirements below, the point value (pv) you accumulated as a preferred customer will still count for you throughout your journey as an investor in the business.

There is a Starter Combo package aimed at encouraging those that doesn’t have much funds to invest in the business. This package is sometimes referred to as ‘student’ or ‘promo’ package. It’s worth 14,000 NGN (which is 4pv). This entry level does not guarantee much because they can only earn from referrals of new prospects, whereas other categories of distributors/investors can also earn from their weekly team activities as well. You NEED to upgrade to at least 60pv (ie Qsilver) to start earning weekly. As a Starter Combo shareholder, your rank in the system will be ‘pre-diamond’. (To know more about our ranking system, click here).

In Longrich, there’s room for upgrade to a higher level irrespective of your entry level, and it depends on points accumulated.

  1. Qsilver (pre-diamond): anyone that invests as from 40,000 NGN (which is 60pv). This entry level return on investment is 8% of referral point value and weekly team activities.
  2. Silver (pre-diamond): this entry level is worth about 115,000 NGN(which is 120pv). It’s ROI is the same as Qsilver.
  3. Gold (pre-diamond): it’s worth is about 185,000 NGN ( which is 240pv) and it’s ROI is 10% of weekly team activities and referral point/purchase value (pv).
  4. Platinum (diamond 1): if one invest 450, 000 NGN (which is 720pv), they will earn 12% of weekly team activities and referral point/purchase value (pv).
  5. VIP (diamond 2): this entry level is worth about 1,100, 000 NGN (which is 1680pv). Anyone that attains this level is entitled to 12% of referral and weekly team activities, in addition to 1% share of global sales.

Every distributor is entitled to an online portal in form of a back-office, where they can monitor their team activities, this process is seamless and activities are reported on real-time. There’s a partnership code that is given to all distributors, that serves as one’s unique Identification used to purchase the daily consumables (which is the business of the company) as the need arises.

NOTE: every Longrich product has point (purchase) value attached to it. Therefore, the products selected , which add up to the desired entry level pv, determines the total amount to be paid while choosing any of the above entry levels of investment in the company. This also applies during upgrade.

How to become a Longrich distributor

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You can become a distributor just by purchasing any Longrich product(s) and requesting that membership code should be generated for you. This will automatically make you a distributor of this company’s brand. Longrich is a global brand, therefore it’s distributorship (membership and shareholders) cuts across all continents. Registration is free but after registration, you have to pay to purchase products-worth of your preferred entry level to validate your distributorship (membership and shareholding). PAY DIRECTLY TO LONGRICH CORPORATE BANK ACCOUNT using online transfer or bank deposit and under no circumstance should you pay to any personal account. Longrich Bank details is as follows: bank name: Zenith Bank Plc; account name: Longliqi International Nigeria Limited; account number: 1012908177. After payment, send us or the person that referred/introduced you to the company, your transaction receipt to process the payment through a stockist. Once a stockist confirms your payment, your selected product(s) will be delivered to you. JOIN US (@teamclaret) for free by completing the registration form below. After completing the form, pay for any preferred entry level amount of your choice to validate your registration. There’s always room for upgrade irrespective of your chosen entry level. Feel free to complete the form because we hate spam and can never spam you.

Frequently asked questions about Longrich

Question 1: what is direct selling (or multi-level marketing)?

Answer: direct selling literally means person-to-person retail. It’s a B2B (buyer to buyer) business model.

Question 2: what products does Longrich offer?

Answer: Longrich has over 2000 types of high quality products for instance, skincare, healthcare, personal care and household appliances for everyone.

Question 3: how does one earn through Longrich products?

Answer: Longrich distributors earns commission (in form of point value, which translates to real cash) when anyone on their team buy Longrich product(s). Secondly, whenever a distributor or any of his downlines refers a prospect that later joins the business.

Question 4: how does one partner/invest in Longrich?

Answer: by paying for products worth of your chosen entry level into the company’s corporate bank account. Contact us for more details

Question 5: how safe are the products?

Answer: Longrich products meets and exceed the regulatory standard requirements in every country they’re being sold.

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